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Don’t underestimate your power to effect change.

Sign up here to show the government that helping grieving Canadians is a priority and that you support a National Grief Strategy. If you are signing up as an individual your name won't be shared. A list of organizations that sign up will be shared with the government and will be made public. We'll also use your email address to send you updates from the Canadian Grief Alliance.  Explore an archive of previously sent campaigns here

Call and write to your elected representatives at the provincial/territorial and federal levels. Tell them that supporting people at the most difficult time of their lives, a time made much more difficult due to public health restrictions, needs to be a priority.  Remind them that mental health investments do not include grief-related supports and services and that the health and economic fallout of pandemic-related grief will be significant without action taken now.

Tell us your stories of pandemic-related grief so we can reflect on your experiences when we meet with officials. 

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Encourage your friends and families to #MakeGriefAPriority. 

We are stronger together and we will be successful together.